The Rise & Fall of WCW Debuts Friday on WWE Network

This Friday the Beyond the Ring section will have the 2009 documentary The Rise and Fall of WCW added. is reporting that this will be a HD 16:9 presentation which was not seen at the initial DVD only release. This addition will bring the total DVDs on the network to nearly 50.

Hulk Hogan Theme Coming the Network this Weekend

This week the network will have two additions that highlight the anniversary of the “Birth of Hulkamania” in 1984. One will be a Best Of taken from the 2009 Hulk Hogan Unreleased Collector’s DVD set. This is set to be the three DVD set trimmed to around two hours long. Also, a new “Old School” from MSG will be added and it will be the famous Hogan vs Iron Sheik (WWF Championship) card from 1984. This card is most known for the birth of Hulkamania but it also featured Roddy Piper’s return to the WWF.

Two New Shows Airing on Tuesday

This Tuesday we will get two new shows on the live stream. One will feature a look back at Royal Rumble moments in history. The other will be a new airing of WWE’s Rivalries series. The detailed listings are below for these new shows.

Santino presents a spectacular look at the Royal Rumble’s most entertaining moments!

Two friends become bitter enemies after a backstage betrayal and their animosity behind the scenes boils over into the ring.

A Look at the Weeks WWE Network News

This week was a very busy one for the WWE Network and perhaps one that may help determine future success or failure for the Network. We saw the early launch of the Network for the UK & Ireland on Tuesday without any mention at first from WWE. John Cena would later announce it on his Twitter feed and confirm what many users had found earlier.

The Network also saw the series finale of the Monday Night War. This final show focused on the purchase of WCW by Vince McMahon and the Invasion storyline. Another high profile new piece found its way onto the Breaking News section of the channel: the induction of the Macho Man into the WWE Hall of Fame.

There was also a larger than normal content dump into on demand than normal. Monday saw the much rumored addition of Season 1 of Tough Enough. We also saw a new WWE Countdown that listed the Most Infamous IC Champions. Friday several Prime Time Wrestling and TNT episodes were added along with the 2006 documentary “World’s Greatest Managers”.

WWE Quick Hits Section Get Several New Additions & Tough Enough Added

WWE has continued to grow the new Quick Hits section with the addition of six more short videos today. Likewise, as reported yesterday the Originals section now contains the first full season of WWF Tough Enough. You can see the early stages of careers for Josh Matthews, Christopher Nowinski, Maven and Nidia during this initial season.

New WWE Quick Hits Videos
Car Crashes Video Montage
Jake the Snake – Victim of
Slick Jive Soul Bro Video
Adrian Neville Homecoming
Formation of the Kliq

WWE Network Adding More WCCW Episodes this Week? is reporting that the WWE Network will add more World Class (WCCW) shows at some point this week. This will be the first time since since the first month of the network that more WCCW will be added to the Vault. didn’t list any source for this information but the last few updates they mentioned have been correct.

2009 World Heavyweight Championship Documentary Added to On Demand

The 2009 World Heavyweight Championship documentary was added to the Beyond the Ring section of the network and has been playing on the live stream today. This show examines the history of the title from the early 1900s, to the NWA/WCW era, and into the use of the title in the WWE. It runs just shy of one hour and has interviews with many legends of wrestling.

New 1996 RAW Episodes Added to Network (RAW 155-158)

The Network has now added up to the first RAW of May 1996. This is the first addition of many sequential RAWs in quite some time. Many users have been angry that the sequential uploading of RAWs had stopped but with the holiday season behind we will likely see some normality in adding several each week.

Tough Enough Season 1 Coming to Network Next Week

Yesterday, rumors began to start about season 1 of Tough Enough being added to the WWE Network. This was based on reddit user claudiocastagnoli123 who posted with several updates on when and what version it would be. He stated it would be loaded Monday afternoon and will be all 13 episodes from season 1.

He also stated in his post 2 other pieces of info: “I can confirm it’s the DVD version, which included all the extended footage. No ending credits. Also, the episodes are named differently compared to the DVD release.
Noticed the finale is the TV version, the DVD version had a ton of extra footage, mainly an extended cut of the single interviews Vince had with the finalists. Those are not present here. On the DVD, the finale was split into E13 and E14, the Network will only have one episode for the finale, E13.”

Shawn Miachaels HEARTBREAK AND TRIUMPH DVD Added to On Demand

The 2007 documentary about Shawn Michaels, Heartbreak and Triumph, was added to the beyond the ring section of on demand today. This documentary shared the name with his book that was written shortly before the DVD was released. It appears that several minutes are edited from the network version and is mostly likely due to an AWA tag match of the Rockers vs Doug Summers and Buddy Rose that contained heavy bleeding. The edits are nothing new as we saw when the Bret Hart DVD was understandably edited to remove any Benoit mentions. If you notice any other parts edited here or from other Beyond the Rings please let us know.

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