Next Beyond the Ring: The Attitude Era


This weeks Beyond the Ring will be the 2012 release of The Attitude Era home video. This feature will run down the best moments and document various performers thoughts on that era. You can check it out tonight on the network and also see replays throughout the week.

New Countdown & Wrestlemania Rewind Tomorrow

This week the network will feature new airings of WWE Countdown and Wrestlemania Rewind. The Mania rewind will focus on the famous Wrestlemania 25 match of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. The WWE Countdown episode will focus on the top ten couples in WWE History. They point out WWE so don’t expect any old school NWA, WCW, or ECW couples to be discussed.

Next WWE Countdown is The Greatest Debuts


Tomorrow night the next WWE Countdown episode will debut. This episode will feature the best debuts in WWE history. It will likely hit on debuts such as Y2J’s 1999 RAW debut and most certainly poke fun at bombs like the Gobbledy Gooker. This will air tomorrow night following a replay of the Wrestlmania 5 Rewind that profiled the Hogan/Savage match.

Next Best of RAW & Smackdown will both Be from 2001

The next Best of RAW and Smackdown was revealed today when the updated network schedule was added. Both episodes will air this Wednesday night and will feature shows from 2001. The RAW show will be from 8/19/2001 which is dubbed Stone Cold appreciation night and a match between The Rock and Lance Storm. The Smackdown show is from 12/12/2001 which has RVD/The Rock vs Undertaker and Jericho. This show also features the famous supermarket segment with Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Next Beyond the Ring Announced


The next Beyond the Ring episode was announced tonight on the network. The 2013 home video release of The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History will be shown next week. The show focuses on rivalries like Austin/McMahon, HBK/Bret Hart, Hogan/Savage, and Cena/Edge. This primarily talks about WWE rivals but has a few other territories sprinkled in the feature.

Pontiac Silver Dome in Rough Shape (Wrestlemania III)


The site of Wrestlemania III which featured the famous Hogan vs Andre match is on its last days. The stadium which WWE claims hosted over 93,000 fans for Mania III, has been crumbling for some time now. It hasn’t been used regularly since 2002 and Detroit has been unsuccessful to find a use for the old stadium. Today, most of it sits collapsing, partly flooded, and coming closer to complete ruins everyday. At this point, demolition can’t be far away.

New WWE TV Deal Announced Today

WWE announced today that it has renewed its television contract with NBCUniversal. This will allow NBC to continue airing RAW on USA and Smackdown on SyFy. Also, the deal mentioned that Total Divas will continue to air on the E! Network which is also owned by NBCUniversal. No additional details have been made available on how the WWE Network on demand library will be affected by the new deal. Currently, the WWE Network has a 30 day delay before they can post a RAW or Smackdown episode. When further news is revealed, details will be posted here.

Another Legends of Wrestling added to the Vault

Today, another old episode of the Legend of Wresting was added to the Vault section of the Network. This episode features the career of Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter. This was originally recorded back in 2006 and later released on DVD. The show is not in the Vault section or can be seen live on Friday and over the weekend on the live stream.

Clash of the Champions Edits That Have Been Found

Recently I have compiled a list of Edits that have been spotted from the network versions of Clash of the Champions. For the most part, everything seems to be complete match related. I have only learned of a few music dubs but I expect more to be found as more become watched. Below is what I have found or been told by others about.

Clash I- Midnight Express Theme music Dubbed

Clash VI- Missing Three Matches for unknown reasons. Murdoch vs Orton,Ross vs Shiek, LOD vs Varisty Club

Clash XV-Freebirds Music Dubbed

Clash XXVIII- Missing first 5 minutes or so. This was originally aired on TBS and was not missing footage. WWE acquired a master copy with technical difficulties and doesn’t have a full copy. Some have stated that this aired uninterrupted on Classics on Demand but I cannot confirm this myself. If true then WWE has a full version archived somewhere.

If you have any edits please feel free to comment and I will add them to my Clash section of the site.

Several New Slam City Episodes Added Today


Today, WWE added several episodes to the Slam City section in the On Demand catalog. These were all recorded around 1 or so years ago and with the CM Punk episode this is obvious. You can check out the four episodes now below. They may not be available on all platforms at this time.

Episode Titles:

Battle for the Streets

The Finisher

Surround Pound & Stadium Pt 2

Sundae in the Park with Punk

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