Network coming to New media players

According to, the WWE Network will be available on several new platforms this sprimg . Those mentioned are Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and connected TVs and Blu-Ray players.

The article also made several mentions of new features being considered such as playlists and more personalization. However, none of these have been confirmed by the Network but I feel they are very likely.

New Legends of Wrestlemania on Warrior


The WWE has put together another Legends of Wrestlemania show this week in honor of Warrior. The new show will air at 10pm EST on April 16 following Best of RAW: 4/7/1996 (Warriors WWF re-debut). The feature will run one hour and likely focus a great deal on his Wrestlemania 6 match with Hulk Hogan.

Sting appears in brief video on WWE Network

steve_bordenTonight saw the first WWE related appearance of Steve Borden (Sting). This was during the Warrior greatest matches tribute broadcast. Sting gave short story of about Warrior from his early years. While this doesn’t prove that Sting has signed some type of contract with the WWE, it is either close or has possibly been finalized.

WWE Network logo will become official company logo


Stephanie McMahon revealed over Wrestlemania week that the current WWE Network logo will become the official company logo. It is expected to be used for all aspects of the company by August. The 2014 Business Partner Summit which detailed this announcement can be view here :

WWE Announces Record 1 million US Homes viewed Mania 30

WWE Corporate announced via press release today that Wrestlemania XXX was viewed by a record 1 million US homes. Once overseas buys are estimated, this will likely become the most watch WWE pay per view event in company history. The network subscriber number was announced last week at 667,000. However, 400,000 people order the show via traditional cable/satellite providers.

The original article can be viewed here:

Network 1 week Free Trial is Back


Today the WWE Network announced that you can once again sign up for a one week free trial. It is uncertain when this trial will stop being offered. However, it is expected to be before the Extreme Rules PPV on May 4 2014. Below is the link users can go to for a trial run.

Best of RAW: 1996 Ultimate Warrior Re-Debut To Air 4/16


Next Wednesday the WWE Network will have a great lineup of programming. At 4pm EST a showing of Summerlsam 1992 will air. The primetime schedule then follows with the airing of Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 2.

Then a special Best of RAW from April 7 1996 will air which shows Ultimate Warrior’s re-debut on Raw after returning to WWE from a three and a half year absence. This will be followed by what appears to be a round table or tribute type show dedicated to Warrior.


Two New Four-Part Series coming to the Network Soon


As mentioned earlier, WWE will air a tribute show for Warrior this Wednesday night. It is believed that this will include footage from cameras that followed him during Wrestlemania week & also believed to be a four part series over the next few weeks.

Another series believed to be four parts “Wrestlemania XXX Fallout” will begin airing this Tuesday night at 7pm EST. The show will focus on certain matches and include post match interviews with the talent.


New Best of Smackdown Streaming


A new Smackdown is showing up in the On Demand section of Smackdown replays. This episode is #199 from June 11 2003. This show features a WWE Tittle match between Brock Lesnar & The Big Show. Also, Mr McMahon and Zack Gowan in an arm wrestling contest & a Piper’s Pit segment. This doesn’t appear to have aired but is available to watch now.

Show is available here:


Classic WWE & Daniel Bryan airing today


Today’s best of Smackdown is from May 10 2007, which features a steel cage match between Batista & the Undertaker. The first episode of WWF RAW from 1993 will also be airing.

These will be followed by the airing of Wrestlemania XXX, Beyond the Ring with John Cena, & finally a replay of the Journey to Mania 30: Daniel Bryan.

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