Two New Shows Plus Total Divas Season 3 Debuting Next Week!

It’s a bumper week next week on WWE Network as post-WrestleMania promises continue to be delivered on.

Firstly, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling will premiere immediately after Raw. This is a cult animated series that featured cartoon versions of the top 80’s superstars. No word on if we’ll get a single episode on the stream or a batch uploaded to VOD.

On Wednesday, the first of the new Network Original shows will arrive. Culture Shock will follow Corey Graves as he travels with WWE, exploring the sights as he goes. The series will be “short-form”‘ with episodes looking to be 10 minutes in length.

Lastly, also on Wednesday, Total Divas season 3 will air its initial episode. It’s safe to expect one a week from here on out.

Beyond The Ring: True Giants Review

In recent months, this Network series had lost its way a bit. It’s true that this is essentially just a repackaging of DVD content, but Beyond The Ring at least started out by looking past the matches and into the personal lives of the performers.

As WWE chewed through their back catalogue however, this section became more about truncated match compilations, often recycling matches already available on the WWE Network elsewhere. Redundancy was creeping in.

Thankfully, I’m happy to say that True Giants changes this pattern. Here we have a documentary made up of mini documentaries. Each highlighting a different giant in professional wrestling. In short, it’s superbly done.

The episode runs for approximately 108 minutes, with each performer getting a segment of 10 minutes or so. This may sound sparse, but the information is crammed in expertly, delivered to us either by the men themselves or a close friend of the individual. With each section, the man’s career and life is discussed. The key thing here is that I came away knowing something new about each wrestler discussed without exception.

For those expecting a modern lovefest; you’ll be surprised. Yes, your contemporary behemoths like Big Show, Mark Henry and Great Khali are profiled, but then so are classic big men like Gorilla Monsoon, Haystacks Calhoun, One Man Gang and of course Andre The Giant. This film covers the spectrum well. Some greats are always going to be missing from historical overviews like this though, and some missing names could be controversial to some.

If I had any criticisms, It’d be that I would have liked a few road stories sprinkled in with the talking heads and fact relaying. At 10 minutes each though, the limitations are obvious. It’s also fair to say that such strict time limits leads to bulletpoints more than deep analysis, but like I said above, not a second is wasted.

all in all, this is a great feature that shows great respect to a style of professional wrestling that is often looked down upon by modern fans today as slow and boring. This documentary reminds us that giants have long been the backbone of this industry that we love. For all those that see themselves as an open-minded fan, I highly recommend this presentation.


Final Rating: 8/10

True Giants Debuts as next Beyond the Ring Special

Tonight, the 2014 WWE DVD of True Giants was added to the beyond the ring section. It focuses on big guys like Andre the Giant, Big Show, Vader, and Kevin Nash. It mainly features match from these big men and runs approx. 108 minutes.

Network Rumors for Attitude RAWs, Nitro, & Saturday Night

This week two rumors have been making the rounds via Reddit user claudiocastagnoli123 has stated that new attitude era RAWs will be added next Monday. The WWE hasn’t mentioned this as of today but he has been 100% accurate on previous predictions including the entire 12 days of attitude content posting. This seems to be very likely as the preview during Wrestlemania had an image for attitude era on demand content.

The other rumor from Deathclutch770 is that WCW Nitro 1997 will be added for the full year. Also, WCW Saturday Night 1997 & 1998 was mentioned in the reddit post. This seems to be only speculation and has shown to be very unlikely based on the lack of mentions from WWE. The most likely scenario would be an upload of 1997 Nitros since Triple H at least made reference to more Nitro being added in an interview last year.

Jerry Springer’s Too Hot For TV Debuts April 27th is reporting that WWE’s newest original show Too Hot for TV will debut the night after Extreme Rules. This is likely the correct launch date as the WWE conference call stated it would begin airing in April 2015. It has yet to be mentioned if this will include things outside of WWE but all rumors lead to it being a WWE clip show.

NXT Specials will Remain Quarterly

Monday during the WWE Network conference call, it was announced that NXT would begin having monthly specials to match the current Pay Per View model. This was said at least twice during the call but has since been disputed. According to, this was a mistake made during the call and they will remain quarterly.

Total Divas Season 3 Coming to Network this Month

It appears Total Divas season 3 will begin airing on the WWE Network this month based on commercials on the network. It is unknown if it will be a full upload to the on demand section or a weekly addition to increase the Original programming during the week even though this is nothing new. It appears the Tough Enough season 5 with Stone Cold will be a weekly addition so Total Divas will likely follow.

Tough Enough Season 2 Added

WWF Tough Enough season 2 has been added to the network today. This was unexpected since it hasn’t been mentioned before. It is on demand along with season 1 and the first episode of season 5. 

Network Reaches Over 1.3 Million Subscriber; New Shows Coming

Today, the WWE announced that they are now at 1.3 million subscribers. Along with the announcement, new shows were announced and a budget of $120 million was discussed. Below are the 8 shows that have been mentioned so far with dates based on reports from

Camp WWE (late 2015) – a new, animated short-form comedy series entitled Camp WWE. Imagine WWE Superstars and Divas when they were kids at their favorite summer camp, which happens to be run by none other than Mr. McMahon. Add in shock-value, slapstick humor and social satire, and you have WWE’s first adult comedy, which will debut later this year.

“We’re insanely excited about this collaboration,” said producer Seth Green. “WWE is one of the most heartfelt and professional organizations I’ve worked with. We’re beyond happy to help them realize this vision.”

Swerved (May) – WWE teams up with the Director of Jackass and Bad Grandpa, Jeff Tremaine, to give you the hilarious original series, Swerved. Swerved is a half hour series and will premiere in May.

“I’m excited to combine my brand of entertainment with the world of WWE,” said Tremaine. “It will be the ultimate mash-up.”

Diva Search (Fall) – WWE spans the globe in search of the most beautiful, athletic and charismatic women to find the next stunning WWE Diva. This competition will give viewers the opportunity to witness the challenges, trials, drama and rewards that accompany the journey of these women, as they vie for superstardom.

Jerry Springer Presents WWE Too Hot for TV (April) – Hosted by legendary talk show host Jerry Springer, this series will re-introduce the WWE Universe to the most outrageous stunts and cringe-inducing moments in TV history. The series will be chock full of insane situations and racy romps from WWE’s past that will have members of the WWE Universe asking, “Did they really do this?!” Springer will inject his own brand of humor into each episode with themes such as “Love Hurts,” “All in the Family” and “Weddings and Funerals.”

“I suspect 25 years of The Jerry Springer Show qualifies me to comment on outrageous behavior,” said Springer. “And what is more outrageous than the entertainment, drama and craziness of the WWE. This is going to be fun.”

Live! With Chris Jericho (debut April 6th) – Podcast host Chris Jericho challenges his guests in provocative, candid conversations about their careers, their lives, past controversies and the overall state of WWE. The monthly series kicks off Monday, April 6th immediately following Raw, with its first one-hour episode featuring WWE Superstar John Cena.

“I’m stoked to bring my show to WWE Network and give Jerichoholics worldwide more of what they’ve come to expect – humor, questions that have never been asked before and the best conversations that any podcast host has ever delivered,” said Jericho. “No matter who the guest is, whether it be WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends, executives or icons from the entertainment world, I guarantee to deliver the best, most entertaining interview you have ever heard from each and every one of them.”

Unfiltered: With Renee Young (May) – WWE announcer Renee Young interviews WWE Superstars and other pop-culture celebrities, covering just about everything, except what they are famous for. In this short-form series, Renee’s guests include Grammy Award winner Wiz Khalifa, five-time Grammy nominee Skylar Grey and WWE Superstars Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Culture Shock: With Corey Graves (June) – WWE commentator Corey Graves reveals a variety of unique venues, customs, music, food and people as WWE’s tour travels around the world. From Marvel comic headquarters to a tattoo shop on the lower east side of Manhattan, Graves examines the local culture with his unique perspective and style.

WWE The List (June) – WWE The List is the best, the worst, the most bizarre and interesting of everything and anything WWE. If it’s amazing, outrageous, sexy or just plain fun, it just made #TheList.

The Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event Coming to Beyond the Ring

The The Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD will be coming to the network and the beyond the ring section. This is quite an odd addition since all SNMEs have been added to the network over the past year. This DVD was from 2009 and was likely added to give the live stream an additional show to fill time.

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