Journey To Summerslam: Rollins, Ambrose, & Roman Reigns


The WWE Network will air an all new special on Wednesday night, August 20th at 8 PM Eastern. This all new show will lead into the typical Wednesday night replay of the  previous Sundays pay per view. The new special will feature the road to Summerslam and feature three superstars: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Nothing has been reveled about this show besides the teaser info that is posted on the network schedule and that it will run around one hour.  Here is what the network teaser says:

“Witness the journeys of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns – from their humble beginnings to the biggest event of the summer!”



Tomorrow is Huge for the Network’s Future

wweWorldLogoTomorrow is possibly the biggest day in the life of the WWE Network since its launch in February. For those outside the USA, some will now have the option to legally acquire the network  in their country. The traditional over-the-top format will launch in 170 countries. The network will go live in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Spain and the Nordics and many others. A cable version will also launch in the Canada market via Rogers Communications. The success or failure in these areas could ultimately decide year ones success and overall future of the network.

New Best of Smackdowns Airing this Week 9 AM ET


Monday will begin the airing of a daily Best of Smackdown on the network for this week. The first Smackdown from 1999 will air Monday but has been in the OnDemand section for some time. However, the following days this week will see the additions of the three episodes following it. You can see the dates for the shows below that will air on the live stream this week. The schedule is only updated until Friday at 4:30AM Eastern currently but I would suspect the next episode to air on Friday.


New Best of Smackdown Airings:





WCW Nitro Coming to the WWE Network?

bestofNitro1DvdToday, various rumors started regarding the debut of the Monday Nitro library to the network. This all resulted from a call that Triple H took part in yesterday talking various business items. He didn’t indicate an absolute date but did hint that it will be added in the fall to coincide with the Monday Night War series that will debut. Many sites and fans think that the first Nitros will be added once the WWF RAW episode dates begin to match up with the debut of Nitro. As of now, these are strictly rumors and have very little merit at this time.


WWE Network Adds remaining SNME Episodes


Today, the WWE Network added the remaining Saturday Night’s Main Event episodes. This update added the episodes from 1990 onward until the final show in 2008. This update also included episodes of The Main Event from the early 90s. With this large update, the most likely major update will involve the addition of a few early Monday Nitro’s to coincide with the Monday Night War documentary series.

WWE Network News from WWE Conference Call


Today’s WWE conference call shed some new light on the performance of the network over Q2 of 2014. The subscriber count was slightly up to 700,000 subscribers which is not seen as good by any means. WWE announced that Roger’s will provide the Network in Canada and also provide distribution to other cable systems with independent deals. This will be a traditional pay-TV channel like HBO. Additional rollouts will begin the week of Summerslam across 170 countries and the UK will get the network in some form this October. The last feature discussed is the addition of a one month subscription that will cost $20 but the 6-month $9.99 deal will also still exist.

Next Beyond the Ring: The Attitude Era


This weeks Beyond the Ring will be the 2012 release of The Attitude Era home video. This feature will run down the best moments and document various performers thoughts on that era. You can check it out tonight on the network and also see replays throughout the week.

New Countdown & Wrestlemania Rewind Tomorrow

This week the network will feature new airings of WWE Countdown and Wrestlemania Rewind. The Mania rewind will focus on the famous Wrestlemania 25 match of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. The WWE Countdown episode will focus on the top ten couples in WWE History. They point out WWE so don’t expect any old school NWA, WCW, or ECW couples to be discussed.

Next WWE Countdown is The Greatest Debuts


Tomorrow night the next WWE Countdown episode will debut. This episode will feature the best debuts in WWE history. It will likely hit on debuts such as Y2J’s 1999 RAW debut and most certainly poke fun at bombs like the Gobbledy Gooker. This will air tomorrow night following a replay of the Wrestlmania 5 Rewind that profiled the Hogan/Savage match.

Next Best of RAW & Smackdown will both Be from 2001

The next Best of RAW and Smackdown was revealed today when the updated network schedule was added. Both episodes will air this Wednesday night and will feature shows from 2001. The RAW show will be from 8/19/2001 which is dubbed Stone Cold appreciation night and a match between The Rock and Lance Storm. The Smackdown show is from 12/12/2001 which has RVD/The Rock vs Undertaker and Jericho. This show also features the famous supermarket segment with Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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